Our Solutions


Industrial processes require flexible interoperability. EQ offers various solutions at different integration levels for the industrial market. Automation projects with integration to existing control and monitoring equipment, and/or deployment of dedicated systems for full command and control capabilities.

EQ has many years of experience throughout which it had completed numerous installations at industrial plants and facilities with implementations of various scales. Our systems are key for protecting critical processes and mitigating the damages of the earthquake. The installation is easy and secure and is crucial for increasing the overall preparedness of the site for an earthquake event.

Our systems are designed to meet high environmental standards and answer site-specific requirements.

Example applications

  • Immediate shutdown of gas and hazardous material flow in pipelines and silos.
  • Triggering emergency protocols for nationwide public transportation networks. Stopping trains & alerting people in stations.
  • Elevator control – sending elevators to nearest floor and holding doors open while alerting people inside to evacuate.
  • Access control.
  • Initiation of DRP protocols.
  • Audible warning for buildings via PA system integration.


EQ Technologies is a leading provider of advanced earthquake early-warning solutions for institutions. The introduction of our effective design, both in terms of cost and adaptiveness to the dynamic needs of institutions, had transformed the market’s perception and allowed for institutions of any scale to be able to install an early-warning system, putting it within practical and economical reach.

From simple, easy to operate, installations which require minimum maintenance, to complex municipal projects involving telecommunications and advanced analysis tools. EQ provides individuals and decision makers with a set of valuable tools to help save lives and improve the effectiveness of the rescue mission.

Example applications

  • Warning students by activating loud and distinct alarm along with verbal warning that an earthquake is about to hit followed by emergency instructions that conform to local civil-protection plans.
  • Clear and distinct verbal warning for children in schools and preschools via existing PA system integration.
  • Realtime notification via Push technology for fire/police department and emergency teams.
  • Elevator, public address, access-control for government and public buildings.