About US

EQ Technologies is a leading solution provider for the security market, specializing in hazard preparedness. The Company develops and manufactures earthquake early-warning systems that offer accurate and interoperable solutions for the industrial, institutional and private markets. The Company’s solutions enable early detection of earthquakes and the utilization of multiple interfaces to control numerous customized applications.

EQ’s technology vastly differs from prevalent industry detectors:

  • Its core technology features a unique design of proprietary sensors and algorithms which give it highly accurate filtering abilities to differentiate earthquakes from tremors caused by urban noise.
  • The Company provides its partners with significantly longer warning time, and far higher threshold sensitivity.
  • EQ offers the most effective and advanced early-warning solution; helps decision makers build better disaster recovery plans; save lives and mitigates collateral damage.

Earthquake Detection

Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that occur because of ground movement. Ground motion creates friction which slowly accumulates a huge amount of energy, most notably at the boundaries of tectonic plates.

When an earthquake strikes, this energy is suddenly and explosively released in the form of seismic waves:

Our earthquake early-warning systems can detect and warn of an incoming earthquake and provide valuable time to implement safety procedures before the shaking begins.

At the heart of our technology is a set of sophisticated and extremely sensitive sensors that are able to detect the weakest of vibrations. Coupled with advanced detection mechanisms and robust filtering capabilities, it allows for the detection of the low amplitude P-wave, and its differentiation from non-seismic noises, to provide warning of the coming danger (the destructive S-wave).

The system takes advantage of the fact that different seismic waves travel at different velocities. Like thunder and lightning—lightning is seen before the thunder is heard—the primary wave (the low-amplitude wave) arrives before the shaking is felt.