EQ-I81 earthquake early-warning system

Industrial/Institutional model – robust industrial design, equipped with dual triaxial accelerometers for precision measurements, easy to install and calibrate, requires minimal maintenance, offers powerful integration with multiple advanced interfacing options. Suitable for administration buildings, banks, hospitals, schools, public transportation, industrial chemical processing plants, fabrication, production lines, buildings which incorporate large number of personnel and/or any automatic processes that can be actuated by the system to mitigate the earthquake's damage before it strikes.


The Earthquake Alert

Domestic model — self-contained, requires simple basic installation, operates on batteries which need replacement only once a year, generates a loud distinctive sound together with lights to indicate that an earthquake is coming before the shaking begins. Suitable for homeowners and small offices interested in a simple yet powerful solution for significantly improving their odds by maximizing reaction time when a harmful earthquake is en route.
















Experience and reach

Our excellent performance record keeps growing along with our ever-expanding network of installations around the world. With plenty of successful earthquake detections, it has been fundamentally proven time and again that our technology is far superior and exact than any of the competition’s.

Example projects:

Company/Institution Location Description Comments
Israel Railways Along major fault lines and at railway stations Network based solution with deployments at over 100 sites. Command and control center implementation for selectively slowing down/stopping trains when an earthquake is detected Israel’s largest state-owned principal railway company responsible for all inter-city, commuter, and freight rail transport in Israel
Mekorot Water purification facilities and management buildings Providing early warning for personnel through each facility’s public-address system to allow switching off heavy machinery and to take the nearest evacuation route. All sites and installations are connected to a network which is continuously monitored for stability and performance The national water company of Israel and the country's top agency for water management
KiryatHamemshalaHifa Main government building center in Haifa Integration with the complex’s public-address system to provide warning that an earthquake is on its way Haifa District Government Center
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Stock Exchange building in Tel Aviv Integration with PA system, access control system, and elevators to optimize and ensure the most effective evacuation options for personnel and visitors in the different parts of the building Israel’s one and only public stock exchange
Haifa Chemicals Ammonia storage facility Integration with the site’s process-controller to regulate the flow of chemicals when an earthquake is detected Global supplier for industrial chemicals and agriculture products
Bazan Thermoplastic production plants and management buildings PA & command and control center integration with simultaneous detection rules defined specifically for each facility for optimum performance Israel largest oil refinery compound
Dagon Grain Silo Haifa Port Installation near the grain storage silo to allow personnel to stop dangerous work and get to safety The grain terminal of Israel at Haifa port
Ministry of Finance Main building complex in Jerusalem Integration with the complex’s public-address system to provide warning to the public Israel’s Ministry of Finance building complex in Jerusalem
Perrigo Manufacturing facilities and management buildings Audible public-address warning and trigger of emergency protocols A large global pharmaceutical company with several manufacturing facilities in Israel
Mellanox R&D center in Yokneam Advanced monitoring and registering of the site’s seismic activities + automatic triggering of prerecorded evacuation messages based on earthquake intensity Global IT and telecommunication solution provider
Luxembourg Industries Main Factory in Arad PLC integration to automatically shut down critical processes to mitigate the earthquake’s damage Manufacturer and international supplier of products for the agricultural market
Local Government Economic Services of the Local Authority Schools built prior to earthquake building standards in all public authorities in Israel Provide distinct unambiguous warning for following emergency instructions provided by authorities in the event of an earthquake Provides services to the local authorities in Israel
Tower Semiconductor Main building in Yokneam Public address system integration Large Global semiconductor company
Bank Hapoalim Several administration buildings and branches in Tel Aviv Deployment of multipoint system arrays for robust and reliable warning to 1,200 personnel in two adjacent administration building + PA integration at public branches One of Israel’s largest banks
Bank Mizrahi Main management building in Lod Dedicated monitoring tools for command and control center to record and analyze real-time seismic anomalies and provide warning of potentially destructive earthquakes One of Israel’s largest banks